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Psychic readings and hypnosis have long been associated and rightfully so. After all, both work with the mind, which is the definition of the word "psychic." As a Psychic Hypnotist, I use my skills to entertain, enlighten and empower at social events and in life-changing private consultations.

The services I perform utilize the Mind Body Connection (palmistry), the Mind Metaphor Connection (tarot cards) or a combination of both (handwriting/drawing analysis and hypnosis).

What ties all these techniques together is the fact that there is a greater proportion of the brain devoted to the hands than any other part of the body. This bond begins during infancy as we crawl around and explore the world with our hands.

Event Entertainment

Transform any social gathering into an unforgettable experience with a hypnosis show and psychic readings.

Private Consultation

Personal changes made with hypnosis and the insightful guidance of psychic readings can transform your life. 

Hands: the visible part of the brain.

Hands have been called "the visible part of the brain" because of all they reveal not only in palmistry but in the subconscious self-expression of handwriting. Handwriting is brainwriting.

It's not surprising most hypnotic inductions use the hands to open the subconscious mind. What's more, during a hypnosis session, communication with the subconscious is often conducted through movements of the hands.

Using symbolic imagery (the Mind Metaphor Connection) is another approach to communicating with the subconscious mind  used during tarot card readings and hypnosis.

While the overlapping techniques of "fortune telling" and hypnosis can be entertaining at social events, when used in private consultations, they can provide insight, clarity and create empowering new futures. Whichever you choose, it will be an unforgettably transformational experience.

I've performed thousands of transformational experiences.

Some people I've entertained.

5 star words of praise.

Mister Vibe is not like the typical psychic reader that sits in a corner shuffling cards all night. He was a VERY active part of my party, engaging all 45 guests and bringing his readings to THEM, which was so much fun! His presence enlivened and uplifted the event's energy level. I've received nothing but compliments about how deeply his insights personally resonated. Hire him and give your guests an experience they're sure to remember!

Silvia W. -Verified Review posted on thebash.com

I hired Mr. Vibe for my annual Halloween party to do strolling palm readings and a hypnosis show. He promptly arrived as scheduled and worked the entire day until the last guests were leaving! The hypnosis show was a huge hit... So much so that many people requested to be hypnotized following the group performance, and he readily obliged. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr.Vibe as a hypnotist, palm reader, tarot card reader and handwriting analyst. He's a jack-of-all trades when it comes to entertainment!

Kathi T. - Verified Review posted on thebash.com

Our holiday luncheon was brightened by an exciting package of palm reading and hypnosis delivered by Mister Vibe. Actually, his outstanding performance over-delivered! We've never had entertainment like this at one of our parties before and it was delightfully different. I was impressed by the friendly, personable way he interacted with everyone. He got the room into a festive mood, engaging us with hours of non-stop fun and laughs. I enthusiastically recommend Mister Vibe for any celebration!

RoseLee P. -Verified Review posted on thebash.com

Mister Vibe's tarot card readings were a wonderful addition to my spring girls night party. He was punctual, professional and personable. I'm a tarot card aficionado and was very impressed by his knowledge and unique interactive readings that quickly divined relevant and revelatory answers. Since a couple of my guests weren't into tarot, I'm glad he offered other types of readings as well. Everyone agreed their experience with him was like a psychic spring cleaning that left them feeling positive and empowered going forward. Thank you, Mister Vibe, for your insights and making my party a huge success!

Rhonda T. - Verified Review posted on thebash.com

The absolute highlight of our graduation party was Mister Vibe's awesome hypnosis show. He took the party to the next level and beyond with his hysterically funny, fast-paced performance. To see him demonstrate astounding feats of hypnosis right in our home was incredible. Besides being a talented entertainer, he was very friendly, accommodating and arrived early. Highly recommended!!!

Jacob S. - Verified Review posted on thebash.com

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