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psychic readings and hypnosis shows!

My crowd-pleasing entertainment is the 9 time recipient of The Bash booking platform's annual "Best" award. One of the reasons behind this winning streak is the variety of psychic readings (palmistry, tarot, handwriting/drawing analysis, pendulum) and hilarious hypnosis shows I offer events of all sizes.

What's more, because people hate waiting in line and parties only last so long, I perform GROUP readings that efficiently deliver MAXIMUM interactive entertainment to guests at big events. 

I do  over 1000 readings annually. Unlike many in the psychic field, my readings are grounded in well-established traditions as well as biometric reality. Absolutely NO gimmicky, cheesy magic or frivolous, fake mentalism/mind-reading tricks are used.  Tricks are for kids.

My commitment to "keeping it real" creates a fun, unique and authentic experience that will entertain and enlighten your guests. They're guaranteed to be buzzing about my uplifting revelations and mind-boggling hypnosis long after the event! 

Social Event Tarot Card Reading

Many people think of tarot cards as being synonymous with psychic readings.  I love to do them. However, it's a time-consuming, 1-on-1 process involving shuffling and selecting cards plus conversation. Only about 6 tarot readings can be done in an hour. (And that's if there's no lag time between them.) This makes tarot a good fit for small gatherings but unsuitable at large events where group readings can cover many more guests.

Social Event Palm Reading

Group palm readings are a fun, interactive experience, that's part of the event's action rather than isolated away from it like individual readings. (Plus, guests don't like waiting in lines at parties and sign up sheets are useless because folks wander off.)  The speed is due to people's hands being immediately. There's no prolonged conversation or fussing with cards like tarot. The length of the readings is flexible.

Social Event Handwriting Analysis

Group handwriting analysis is the second most popular type of reading I do at social events after palmistry. In order for guests to write a sample, a hard surface is required, so it doesn't have the flexibility of being performed strolling like palmistry. Other than that, it can entertain dozens per hour and give participants individual attention. The length and depth of the analysis is flexible.

Social Event Pendulum Reading

Group pendulum reading gives guests the opportunity to connect to their subconscious mind for an unforgettable psychic experience. After calibrating the movement of their pendulum for "yes" and "no," guests mentally ask it questions and get answers from their inner being.

Hypnosis Shows

Hypnosis is always entertaining because the volunteers are the stars and their reactions while hypnotized make each show unique. Plus, watching people get hypnotized is always fascinating and fun. Most people never experience a live hypnosis show.  Besides a performing a stage show, I can also demonstrate hypnotic phenomena impromptu while strolling at an event which will surprise and amaze he guests.

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